Building Info

Vending machines are located in the kitchens of the main office building on Floors 1 thru 6.

1500 Jefferson has nearby access to Interstate 5 and other major and minor arterials. An Intercity Transit and Dash bus shelter is located in front of the building on Jefferson Street SE. Intercity Transit provides regular, frequent bus service to this area. All Intercity Transit buses have bicycle racks and are lift-equipped to accommodate individuals with mobility problems. For more information about Intercity Transit service, call 360-786-1881 or check their website at  Service is also provided by Pierce Transit.  Check their website at for more information.

A carpool is a vehicle occupied by two to six people sharing the ride to work resulting in a reduction of at least one vehicle commute trip. is a resource for commuting options, providing free carpool, vanpool and bicycle ridematching services.  For an easy to use Ridematching tool, visit

In order for a carpool to qualify to park in designated carpool/vanpool spaces at 1500 Jefferson, each carpool must have at least one employee assigned to work at 1500 Jefferson and they must commute together for at least 51% of commute distance.

A vanpool is a vehicle occupied by seven to fifteen people sharing the ride to and from work and resulting in the reduction of a minimum of one vehicle trip. Intercity Transit, King County Metro, Pierce Transit and other transit agencies all supply, insure and maintain vanpool vehicles to groups of commuters. The driver of the vanpool must be an employee assigned to 1500 Jefferson in order to be eligible to park in a vanpool stall. For more information check the following websites:

Intercity Transit
Pierce Transit
King County Metro

Bicycle Storage
An indoor, secured bicycle commuter parking facility is located on the first floor in the 3-story building and is accessible by card key. The facility provides 44 indoor stalls for bicycle commuters to store their bikes during the day. Access to the bicycle parking facility can be arranged through Property Management. All Tenants have access to this amenity free of charge.

Bicycles are not permitted inside the building except in the bicycle facility.

Building Services

Wright Runstad & Company promotes recycling in the building. A building-wide recycling program has been implemented for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum products used on the premises, as well as composting of food waste.

Showers and Lockers
Showers and locker rooms are located on the first floor of the 3-story building. There are three showers in each of the men’s and women’s locker rooms. The facilities are available to all Tenants at no cost.

Lockers can be reserved if a Tenant is part of the CTR Program. All individuals using reserved lockers must provide their own lock.

Non-reserved lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. All contents and personal locks on all day-use lockers must be removed daily.