Building Info

Wright Runstad & Company Property Management is responsible for monitoring and maintaining an on-site 300 stall parking garage and a 20 stall visitor parking lot. Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is responsible for overseeing monthly parking including the sale of monthly parking stickers for the garage.  Parking for employees is also available at the nearby East Plaza garage which is administered and managed by DES.

In accordance with the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law passed by the Washington State Legislature in 1991 and the CTR Efficiency Act in 2006, Tenants at 1500 Jefferson are required to develop, implement and maintain a program that will achieve the goals of the CTR Law and Ordinance.  Achieving CTR goals requires collaborative efforts between state and local governments, transit agencies, and regional transportation organizations and employers.

CTR Laws benefit our communities by protecting the environment, enhancing our resources and maintaining and improving our quality of life. Property Management and Tenants are committed to reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles traveling in our communities by encouraging employees to use alternatives to driving alone to and from the building. All Tenants in 1500 Jefferson are eligible to participate.

Agency Tenants ensure that each employee is informed about the CTR Program. Building occupants who drive to work will also be informed about who is eligible to park, how to register for parking, where to park and how parking will be monitored and enforced.

Employee eligibility to obtain parking in the on-site garage was initially based upon seniority of state service. Parking is now based upon an established waiting list.  In addition to non-reserved employee parking stalls, there are stalls for disabled parking, carpools and vanpools, electric car-charging stations and reserved senior management parking.

Although the garage and visitor parking lot is periodically patrolled by building Security, Property Management is not responsible for vehicle theft or damage. Please lock your vehicle at all times, remove valuables or place them in the trunk.

Campus Parking

For individuals visiting the 1500 Jefferson Building for meetings or training parking is available in designated visitor lots. Please See:

Other Parking Options

In addition to visitor lots, other parking is available in the area. Please obey all parking regulations and posted information. Go to City of Olympia - Downtown Parking Options for more information.


The free Dash shuttle service provided by Intercity Transit runs throughout the day, from the Capitol Campus into downtown Olympia. Go to Intercity Transit - Dash.