Room Reservations

Room availability can be viewed here or may be checked by contacting Property Management at 360-359-4790 /

To request a room reservation please complete the below form, or email All reservations are not considered confirmed until the requestor receives a meeting invite from Property Management.

Visitor parking is very limited. Meeting hosts should encourage carpooling, or alternate method of transportation, and the use of the visitor lot across the street.

Reservations are limited to work-related use by 1500 Jefferson onsite employees, and other groups as approved. If you have questions about a request outside these guidelines, please contact Property Management.

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For questions regarding conference room usage please refer to Conference Center policies and procedures or contact the Property Management Office at 360-359-4790 /

Conference Center Floorplan

Set-up Information

The chart below reflects each room's maximum number of occupants, based on that style of room set-up.

Room # Theater
no tables
chairs & tables
chairs & tables
chairs & tables
chairs & tables
Presentation Room 195 70 32 32 44
2208 99 48 32 30 40
2330 20
2331 20
2332 20
2320 12
2322 12
= Set-up style not available

Style Definition
Theater 1 head table, chairs for specified number of people only
Classroom 1 head table, tables and chairs in rows for specified number of people
Boardroom 2 continuous rows of tables facing each other
U-Shape Tables arranged in a "U" shape, chairs on inside and outside of "U" shape
Block Tables arranged in a block 'circle', chairs on outside only