The Rain Post - David Franklin

Rain Post

This post is carved with symbols inspired by basketry motifs and carvings from the Puget Sound area and Lower Columbia River. The pole is the story of the movement of water from the heavens. The top of the pole represents the sun and moon above clouds; from the clouds comes the rain, where it falls upon the people, represented by the face in the middle of the pole. Below are ripples represented by concentric circles and wavy lines representing the flow of a river.

The artist, David Franklin, was born in 1972 in Denver, Colorado. He moved to Seattle in October 1992, and in 1993 began woodcarving as a hobby inspired by books on older Northwest Coast art. In 1994, he met noted artist Duane Pasco and began learning the basics of tool making and carving under Duane's guidance. David has now been carving for over nine years.

David has completed several public and private commissions including a 12 foot house post, a memorial for Don Pratt on display in the Don Pratt Transportation Center in Bremerton, WA, and two 32 foot totem poles for a private residence in Lake Tahoe, CA carved with Duane Pasco. He received the largest commission for works installed in the newly renovated Poulsbo Library. David also designed a 6 foot Nootka style mask which he carved with Mr. Pasco. This mask and several other works are installed at the Kids Up play-park at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island, WA.

David has served as a consultant for the Denver Museum of Natural History. In 2000, he was hired by the Young President’s Organization to be their resident carver for their Alaska 2000 Cruise. David also gives presentations at local elementary and junior high schools to introduce young people to the many skills involved in Northwest Coast art.

David’s work has been exhibited in galleries in New York City, NY, Seattle, WA and Juneau, AK. David remains a full-time carver and currently lives with his wife in a small town in western Washington.